Scrub Your Air.

New Advanced Patented
Ultraviolet Light Technology
Delivers THE PUREST Air Proven. Period.

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See How ClearWave Air UV Light Technology
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Breathe. Easy.

We breathe 20,000 times a day. ClearWave Air lets you rest easy knowing that EVERY breath is clean, clear and free of germs that cause health problems.

Light. As Air.

20+ ClearWave Air Patents Reinvent Air Purification Technology

ClearWave Air is clinically proven to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE air purifier available, eradicating disease-causing germs and organisms more completely than ANY other technology.

Amplifies Ultraviolet Light
Exposure to Germs

NO harmful germs survive our Kill Chamber. Exclusive ClearWave Air synergistic air-scrubbing technology kills unwanted microorganisms and converts pathogens, pollens and mold spores into harmless inert byproducts.

Air. Reborne.

Using Advanced UV Technology

The ClearWave Air patented sterilization system DESTROYS airborne bacteriological allergens, viruses, mold spores, microorganisms, and germs.

Mold Spore Count BEFORE and AFTER 6 Days of Treatment with ClearWave Air Ultraviolet Light Purification

Based Upon Testing by Intertek Laboratories
Using Penicillium Citrinum Mold Spores